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Are Toilet Issues Still Taboo?

Have you ever had that feeling that your insides are so swollen, they seem to cut off the two most important exit channels of your body? Or the feeling you are so full, but so constipated that you can’t get anything out?

Yea, me too! I have broken a few toilet seats trying to force myself into impossible positions to get at least something pushed through the appropriate channels. Although, I have learned how to do this AND give my calf muscles a good stretch at the same time (don’t ask how), which is a bonus.

I find it embarrassing to talk about toilet issues however. These days, discussing your toilet habits is still considered a bit of a taboo isn’t it? Which is a shame though, as the topic is significant enough. Surely, it’s of great importance to ensure we relieve ourselves from our bodily wastes the right way, without hurting ourselves or break our toilet seats. Plus, I can only imagine many of you experience the same issue every day?

There was once a time when going to the toilet was straightforward and easy for me, but those days are long gone. I now have a serious love-hate relationship with my toilet. On the days where I have no issues (as in, everything exits the way it should, without any required acrobatic actions on my part), I love going to the toilet. It brings great relief! But on the days where I struggle, or on the days where I can’t seem to come off the toilet (that happens too!), that’s when I wish they made toilets a bit friendlier to be with. I think I would much more prefer to spend my time with something that looked like a comfortable hammock that happens to be a toilet, or a pretty beach even, instead of the plain white block of ceramic with a whole in the middle.

But hey, good toilet habits are important though and can help prevent or improve further bowel and bladder control problems. So, for good measure, this is what you are supposed to do when toileting:

Drink plenty of water, eat high fiber foods, and exercise regularly. This will help keep your bowels nice and healthy and should contribute to a soft motion.

Toilet posture. Sit up straight, maintain a straight back and lean slightly forward to try and make the ‘flow’ as straightforward as possible. After all, that should be the principle of gravity. (It’s not always as easily done for us, so perhaps this applies to ‘normal’ people only?) Sitting down is definitely better that squatting over a toilet though, so even when you are in a public toilet, make sure you sit down on the toilet seat (you may wish to put down some toilet paper first.. cleanliness is still important of course).

Take your time. Try and make the experience as relaxing as possible by taking your time and not rush your toilet visit. Some peace and quiet on the toilet is sometimes not possible however, especially when you have a house full of visitors or a young child trying to accompany you wherever you go. Let me know if you have any advice to share on how to cope with that, as I still haven’t figured that one out.

Don’t force it. When things are hard (I guess I mean that literally..), really pushing hard and trying to force it all out can cause a strain on your body and muscles. If it’s not happening, just come back in half hour to try again.

Distract yourself. If it’s not coming straight away, rather than focusing on your purpose, distract yourself with something else. Before you know it, you have delivered your message! In my mind I have re-decorated my bathroom a hundred times, invented an automatic toilet brush, and counted every tile in my eye-sight. This helps me not to put too much pressure on myself. On the days where traffic is constant and you’re in it for the long haul, perhaps bring your book and camp out in your bathroom.

Good luck.


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    July 10, 2016 at 5:21 pm

    Thanks for this. I have a couple of tips to add that have helped me:
    * raise your feet on a stool or a shoe box, this eases the passage by giving a mote direct route out
    * reducing / giving up caffeine, this soften stools, reducing constipation

    Hope these help

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