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The Truth About Dairy

Dairy is currently the subject of a variety of discussions in the health circuit. Dairy products are widely loved for their taste and important for calcium levels, but it is thought some dairy products are not as good for you as you may think!

Milk, for example, is pasteurized and homogenized, making it a highly-processed food. Plus, many people find the lactose in cow’s milk hard to digest, which could cause bloating and discomfort..

If you are having milk, make sure you use the best you can find—ideally, organic milk.
It is your decision whether to consume dairy products or not. If you are a cheese-lover, be mindful of the saturated fat contained in cheese. So, if you do have some, it is best eaten in moderation. A good, natural, organic cheese, on the other hand, can contain good nutrients and minerals, but still can be fairly processed!
I always stick to dairy alternatives (all full fat and organic where I can), as I know for a fact I am lactose intolerant. Some choices are:

Almond milk

Rice milk

Oat milk

Coconut milk & yogurt

Goat’s milk, yogurt, and cheese

Sheep’s milk, yogurt, and cheese

These should be fairly widely available in your local health shop or, if you’re lucky, even your local supermarket. It’s just a matter of trying to see what you like. A lot of healthy cookbooks or online recipes these days cater to dairy alternatives.

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    April 19, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Removing dairy from my diet has made the biggest impact on my daily life in a very positive way! I suggest all endo sisters to give it a shot for a week at least!

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