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Stabbing Pains and Aches

Everyone knows that muscle cramp is painful, but imagine what a muscle cramp on the inside of your hip bones might feel like. Many women with pelvic pain describe a sudden pain that can come on at any time, sometimes wakes them at night, makes them want to curl up in a ball, may go down into the legs and isn’t helped much by normal pain medications. They may have trouble walking when they have the pain and exercise often makes it worse.

Women with this type of pain often find getting the help they need very frustrating. Nothing shows at a laparoscopy, or on an ultrasound scan but they are exactly right. It’s bad pain.

A careful examination with 1 finger in the vagina, feeling high on the inside of the hip bones can find the muscle. Usually it is a muscle called Obturator Internus, or one nearby called Piriformis. Often the pelvic floor muscles are tight and painful too.

What can I do about spasm in these muscles?

The treatments for painful pelvic floor muscles as described in my Blog on ‘Painful Sex‘ help this type of pain too. Botox is especially useful.

What else could cause sudden pain on one side?

Other common causes of pain on one side include:

Appendicitis (right side. Not usually a long-term pain)

Ovulation pain (2 weeks before a period starts when not on the pill, and only once each month)

A ruptured ovarian cyst (less common if you are on the pill)

An ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy test will be positive)

Bowel pain

A kidney stone (there will be blood in your urine. Not usually a long-term pain)

Content provided by Dr Susan Evans, Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, & Specialist Pain Medicine Physician (https://www.drsusanevans.com.au/). Permission has been granted to publish this content on www.theendolifestyle.com.

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    I can guess you have written this post after suffering from long bad pain. Muscle cramp is really very painful and makes wake up throughout night.

    You have explore some of best causes of pain and almost women have to suffer these pain in their whole life. Kidney stone and Appendicitis are common for male and female but very bad experience of pain.

    Thanks for sharing your worthy post.

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