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When You Think Your Day Is Ruined! 5 Ways to Handle This

Have you ever had a great day planned, but ended up in bed with agonizing pain instead? I bet you have!

Unfortunately, for a lot of us this is a very recognizable scenario. Sometimes our plans don’t quite work out the way we wanted them to. We don’t always know when our pain is going to flare up, or, for some of us, when our periods will arrive. And this can be incredibly disappointing, or heartbreaking to say the least! Sometimes there is not a lot you can do about this pain (apart from popping drugs perhaps, but even that often doesn’t bring enough relief), so we have to be creative and come up with some ways to cope.

This is what I do, perhaps give it a go!:

Let it out. Yes, I cry. I also curse everything under the sun and scream when I am in agony. Anything I am feeling, I will express until I get it all out of my system. Whatever you are feeling is OK, and you should take your time to process it.

Accept the situation. After you have let it all out, it will be easier to accept. You really would not have been able to party on or go to the shops, feeling the way you are feeling, and that is OK. There will always be another time to do the things you wanted to do. Once you have accepted, you will feel more relaxed which makes it easier to deal with the pain you may be experiencing as well.

Distract yourself. When you’re curled up in pain, it doesn’t help you to count down for the next pain wave to come. Watch TV, read a book, have a bath, or pretend you’re on a tropical island. Anything that will distract your mind from thinking of the plans you have had the change and the pain you’re having, will relax your body which will make it easier to handle the pain.

Remember you are not alone. Because you are not. There are some many of us out there who are experiencing the same thing, who have to cancel plans all the time, and cope with pain on a daily basis. Seek support through your local or online Support groups if you need to. The girls would be happy to share some kind words with you.

Get spoiled. This is a must. You deserve to be spoiled or to spoil yourself. Get your partner to run you a hot batch, get your favorite food from the shop, or bring you breakfast in bed. I usually take the opportunity to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy or watch some romantic comedies I haven’t seen in ages. For me, that’s a real treat as I usually do not have the time for this. I am not ashamed to say I am tempted sometimes to have some chocolate as well, and even do some online shopping…

My point is, yes it really sucks when you have to cancel something and you are in a lot of pain. But as it is happening, you might as well make the most of it as much as you can.

You’ve got this!




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