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Why You Should Celebrate Your Achievements

Did you have pain free day today or have you completed that exercise program? Did you just finish your first meditation session or have you perhaps managed to finally get out of bed after that massive flare up?

Whatever it is that you have achieved today, this week or this month, you should acknowledge this achievement and be proud of what you have accomplished. It is a great excuse to celebrate, even if it is just a little victory dance; you deserve to feel happy!

Acknowledging your accomplishments, however small they are, increases positive feelings such as self-respect, happiness and confidence. And isn’t that just what we need?

Make sure you share your victories with your friends, family and endo-community. People who care about you will love hearing about your accomplishments, it might even inspire them to celebrate their achievements too!

So, going forward, make it a habit to open your eyes to the value of all that you did achieve, and celebrate how you see fit. In the end, it’s not the size of the accomplishment that counts, but the acknowledgement that you are growing and making the best of your life.

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